Catalog of types of packaging

private label

On this page, we have presented all types of packaging that we offer, as well as the dimensions, the weight of the packaging and the types of packaging so that you can see what we offer if you are thinking about the possibility of packaging products for you with your own brand (private label). If there is a mutual interest, we are ready to enter into new products, machines, types of packaging and the like, which we would negotiate with you in order to achieve the best possible perspective of business cooperation.

Centropak already does “Private label” for various companies, some of which are the best in their field in the Balkans. We also do some products for PL that are exported to 15+ countries.

1. Standard bag

25gr, 45 gr, 60 gr ,80gr i 100gr

17.5cm x 13cm

packaging: triplex and duplex

2. bag 25gr

    14.2cm x 10.5cm

   packaging: triplex and duplex

3. Doypack bag

    18cm x 11cm

    200gr, 400 gr i 500gr

     packaging: triplex and duplex

4.  70 and 80 gr jars

height 10.2 cm, cover diametar 5.5cm


izbor ambalaze: dogovor

5. Small packages  3-15 gr

9.8cm x 6.7cm

3-20 gr

packaging: triplex and duplex

6.   Tea boxes

13.5cm x 6.7cm, 20 filter kesica

7. Bags duplex i tripleks

100 gr, 200 gr, 250 gr ,500 gr i 1 kg

10cm x 16.5cm, 12cm x 17.5cm, 12cm x 20 cm, 14cm x 22.5 cm

8. Bags  5 kg and 25 kg

9.  500gr jar

10. Duplex bags 

       2kg, 3kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg i 20 kg

11. Spices

26cm x 11cm 1kg 

16cm x 8 cm 220gr 

18cm x 9.5cm 400gr 

12cm x 15.5 cm 100gr

packaging: triplex and duplex

We order the box in which we pack the finished product according to your wishes.